Project Update:

I have done enough on the editor for the moment, the plan now is to begin development on the first Game Engine. 

I plan on making three Match 3 engines that will all work with the Editor:
1.Swap Match
2.Link Match
3.Group Match.

Although they are similar in many ways they still have many differences, The first two are the closest, whereas the Group Match is very different (in regards to their Game Flow).

The Group Match Engine is the simplest to develop and I have immediate plans for it, so I will start with this one.

This is the Game Flow Chart that I created for the Group Match Engine and how I will be laying out my groups of events (more on that soon), however, it is of course subject to change.

I’ll explain in more detail as the engine unfolds.

I would like to add here that I of course want to develop these engines to work with the exporters, Android, iOS, HTML5, etc. 
I have not released anything yet with any of them, I do have knowledge on all of them but I will need to seek assistance with certain aspects of each of them so any help will be greatly appreciated.

More to come.


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